Welcome to CadJewelryDesign.com! We are currently a CAM only service bureau that specializes in precision CAM modeling and prototyping.  Our site is for jewelers who want to offer custom services to their customers but only possess CAD software and not CAM. We specialize in 3Design users but can work many different CAD files.

We Accept many CAD files including 3DESIGN, Matrix, Rhino, Rhino Gold, SolidWorks and more.




We are not a casting company, our services are geared towards the jewelry trade professional who already makes their own jewelry by hand but does not have CAD experience or the machines to produce their own wax models.

If your shop is not set up for casting you can still use our services wax model prototypes. We will be happy to work with your casting company and we have recommendations to get you set up with one.



Our CAM service uses the Solidscape T 76+ 3d printer and the Rolland JWX30.



Files submitted are applied to our CAM process same day if received by 2:00 pm central time Monday through Friday first come first serve.


Get a head start on the competition and use the fastest and  You don't have to own expensive equipment or spend months of your valuable time to learn how to use them. To be able to take advantage of this profit center now: use us to help you bring  CAD  jewelry designs to reality.


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